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Class now in session: The magic behind Facebook

by Kyle Kenny

Class now in session: The magic behind Facebook

In our hectic schedules of meetings and deadlines, it is so easy to forget the need for great marketing practices; both in down and up time. In essence, however, putting your organisation’s name on the forefront of everyone’s lips should be a priority. We have a plethora of tools available to do this and with the ever-growing world of online marketing it has never been easier to market – right from your desk.

Having recently joined Braden Threadgold’s digital marketing department, I hope to use this space to shed some light behind how the digital landscape works and what we do to help your business grow.

Facebook operates an algorithm called Edgerank, which controls who sees what you post on Facebook (assuming that you do of course…if not, why not?).  By perfecting this algorithm your posts become more visible to your audience, putting your name on everyone’s lips. The formula itself looks like the  one above (not very exciting)!

Once you decipher the information Facebook gives you, it’s actually easy. There are three variables behind Edgerank and with a little work you can make sure your posts successfully meet their objectives.

Variable One: Affinity

Despite its pompous name, this simply measures the relationship between your organisation’s Facebook page and the user. Every like or comment you receive increases your score. Luckily, we know a secret: Shorten your posts to between 100 and 250 characters; statistically posts around these benchmarks receive more interaction, which equals more Affinity. 

Variable Two: Weight

Very easy this one; adding an interesting graphic or promotional video to your post gives it more weight. The heavier the post the higher it ranks and the more people your post reaches.

Variable Three: Time-Decay

With 48% of all Facebook users logging in daily, the formula manipulates posts so that the newer content is shown higher in your Fans’ newsfeed. Solution = Post new content at least three times a week.

I hope this has shed some light on the magic behind Facebook. Remember: Braden Threadgold are specialists in Online Marketing and always available for a quick chat to advise or prepare a plan to help increase your Fan engagement.

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