Willmott Dixon

Construction, regeneration and support services business. Solid, dependable, established.

Willmott Dixon logo designed by Braden Threadgold


Providing care for older people, nationwide. The icon represents their personal, supportive approach to residents.

Abbeyfield logo designed by Braden Threadgold

Quantum Care

Logo to publicise the 'Engage' element of Quantum's servce, which is about encouraging personal interaction.

Engage logo designed by Braden Threadgold


Trade exhibition in Germany for sheet metal technology. The logo reflects the materials whilst maintaining continuity with existing branding.

EuroBLECH logo designed by Braden Threadgold


For a designer menswear store in St Albans. Simple typography, carefully tweaked and polished to look 'just so.' Sometimes less is more.

D.Copperfield logo designed by Braden Threadgold


The company name was chosen to reflect the client's core message of 'making an impact.' The logo design was created to do the same.

Shout logo designed by Braden Threadgold

Fortune PR

A visual representation of the key elements of the client's business, without overpowering the company name. And a splash of colour too...

Fortune PR logo designed by Braden Threadgold

CCE International

Trade exhibition for the corrugated & folding carton industries; the two industries are reflected in the graphic.

CCE International logo design by Braden Threadgold


About Logo Design

Logo Design in Hertfordshire

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked is ‘how much will it cost to design a logo?’

The honest answer is ‘how much can you justify spending?’ Because in truth, when it comes to logo design, you really do get what you pay for. Your logo is pretty likely to be the first sight your customer has of your business, service or product, and so creating the right first impression is crucial. And as the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression!

Before we start putting pen to paper (or mouse to Mac) we would want to ask you all sorts of questions about exactly what you want your new logo to do for you, and what you want it to say about you.

Then, we would want to learn about your target marketplace; those people who are going to see your logo, and what sort of baggage they might bring with them. Perhaps they have preconceptions about your type of business that you need to dispel, or even reinforce? Maybe they’re likely to have an idea in their mind about what they are looking for, and your logo is an opportunity to confirm to them that they’ve found it?

We’re only just getting started! How long do you need your logo to last? Where, and in what context, do you envisage using it? Are there any other logos or previously designed items that it needs to complement? And what are your competitors doing? Do you want to distance yourself from them, or place your business alongside them?

Once we’ve answered these – and probably a number of other – questions, we’re ready to get designing. It could be that you don’t actually need a new logo at all – just an update of your existing one. If this is the case, we’ll be honest with you and tell you so – and work with you to find the best way to evolve your current logo and give it a new lease of life.

Assuming, however, that you do need something new, the Braden Threadgold approach is to have at least a couple of different people working on it, to help ensure a real mix of ideas. Once we’ve digested and discussed the brief, we’re ready to bring together our knowledge and experience of typography, iconography and colour to work up a wide variety of possible executions.

The next stage is for the creative team to reconvene and see what’s on the table. After much debate, we’ll narrow it down to a shortlist of the strongest, and then the individual designer(s) will polish these up.

Only now are we ready to show you our ideas. It’s very rare that our clients don’t find that at least one of these initial concepts hits the mark, even if it may need a little tweaking before it’s ready to go. More often, our clients are torn between different options – which we take as a compliment about the breadth of our creativity! We’ll work together with you to get it ‘just so.’

And once the design is signed off, we’ll work up all the variations (mono, RGB, CMYK, reversed out, etc.) and supply them to you in whatever format you need.

Call us: 01727 661 500

logo design by Braden Threadgold

What people say

“Once again, thank-you for a brilliant job. You never let me down!”

Debbie Gilard
Communications Manager, Quantum Care

“We have worked with Braden Threadgold for many years. Their recent design input on logo/brand creation again proved their creativity and professionalism. I am delighted to recommend their services!”

Nicola Hamann
Exhibition Director, Mack Brooks Exhibitions

“Braden Threadgold are more than just a design partner... When deadlines have been tight they have been responsive, flexible and produced innovative solutions.”

Rob Marriott
Marketing & Strategic Bid Director, Trios Group

“When we’re looking for creative ideas, we turn to Braden Threadgold.”

Manuela White
Head of Sales & Marketing, Abbeyfield

“It’s so refreshing to work with an agency that makes complicated processes easy and adds value through good creative advice.”

Althea Taylor-Salmon
Director, Fortune PR

“A huge thank you for the excellent job you did for us on the presentation packs – particularly in view of the tight deadline! Awesome job – as always.”

Janet Wilson
Harman Pro Group

“We should never be stuck for good photos again! Tell Rob we love how much he got out of our challenging subjects!”

Liljana Goszdziewski
Exhibition Manager, Mack Brooks Exhibitions

“Thank you for your work on the website... I don’t think I could have asked for a better final result.”

Kathleen Shanks
Director, Capital Arts Children’s Choir