About Tender Document Design

Tender Document Design in Hertfordshire

Most tender documents are big, complex items which require input from many different departments, and which have an immovable deadline. This means that timing and flexibility in production is everything.

In most cases, our clients are putting together the information for their own tender documents – although we can of course provide support with copywriting and proof-reading, if required. Our role is primarily to provide all the tools required to do so effectively and, above all, quickly... because in almost every instance the process goes right to the wire.

Your challenge is to get the right information together. Our challenge is to help you make it look impressive and be easy to navigate – with the minimum of disruption to your process. The last thing you need your agency to do for you is slow you down!

The key to this is good preparation.

We need to understand the processes we’d be working with: what software you’re already using in-house; what kind of information your typical (and atypical) tenders would contain; what constraints the tender issuers might place on how information is presented back to them; how you prefer to organise that information.

This is likely to lead to us designing and creating master template documents in advance, with a flexible grid to enable all the potential different sorts of live information (photos, tables, graphs, spreadsheets and more) to be easily and quickly dropped in and styled when the time comes.

Sometimes the resulting document may be digitally printed and bound in one go on completion, but for other set-ups it may also involve pre-printing a number of generic high-impact items which can be pulled off the shelf when needed - for example, folder or ring-binder covers, divider pages or laser-friendly insert sheets suitable for you to overprint.

Of course, the most important factor will always be the content of your tender document... but it can only help your cause if the recipient has a favourable first impression of your business, and finds it easy to find the information they’re looking for.

Let Braden Threadgold give you a head start.


So many options to choose from...

Perfect Bound

The quick and easy way to give your printed document a real lift. It uses individual insert leaves – which allows you to easily gather together odd numbers of pages, divider pages printed on heavier card etc. Maybe you can add a tasty lamination to the covers for extra impact too.

Book Bound

A step up from perfect bound, to give your tender a real weighty presence. What’s more, utilising special ‘lay-flat’ binding enables you to print large, complex tables and organograms across double page spreads, without key info disappearing into the crease.

Presentation Boxes

These aren’t ever going to be cheap (not if they’re being produced properly) but…wow! They’re really going to show your prospectiveclient how much you care and make you stand out from the crowd.

Interactive PDFs

Sometimes, you just have to present digitally. If this is the case, how much better is it to do so using a carefully designed, interactive and navigable document – optimised for screen viewing but still looking good if printed locally?

Wire Bound

Cheap and quick to produce – but good design will still ensure that it creates an impact. Has the advantage of laying flat on the desk when opened allowing easy reference for the reader.

Ring Binder

A useful option when you’re producing multiple tenders with similar formats, as we can pre-print multiple copies of covers, dividers and header pages etc. – and then supplement them with locally printed bespoke text pages.