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Video / Animation in Hertfordshire

There are all sorts of different reasons for producing a video: it could be simply a way to get across the personality and brand of your business, or perhaps testimonials from satisfied customers; it might be something more specific and informative, such as a product demonstration or a ‘how-to’ guide to bring your product to life; it might just be a method for connecting with your customers and making your business more approachable.

Internally, there’s video for training / e-learning purposes, for providing visibility of senior members of an organisation to staff, or for showcasing and profiling events or outstanding individuals.

We’re sure that you can think of plenty of other uses, but one thing is clear: video has rapidly become a must-have for business websites, as companies discover how effective it can be in getting across their individual messages – in an appealing, informative way which spoon-feeds the casual browser.

It has also emerged as an invaluable Search Engine Optimisation tool; helping to drive websites that feature videos to the top of the search rankings, not least because it increases the amount of time somebody spends on a particular web page. In fact, ALL the major search engines give priority listings to websites which host video content... it’s worth remembering that Google owns YouTube.

Animations also have a part to play; whether to supplement or replace recorded images. They can grab attention and add much-needed life to a web page, advert or banner, graphical interest to a presentation, or simply be an amusing and engaging way to demonstrate product functionality.

Whatever your requirement, Braden Threadgold can help make it happen. From the simplest ‘talking head’ video to complex multimedia presentations, we have the experience, facilities and creative know-how to deliver the goods... giving you as much or as little support as you need in the planning, scripting, shooting and editing process.

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What people say

“Once again, thank-you for a brilliant job. You never let me down!”

Debbie Gilard
Communications Manager, Quantum Care

“We have worked with Braden Threadgold for many years. Their recent design input on logo/brand creation again proved their creativity and professionalism. I am delighted to recommend their services!”

Nicola Hamann
Exhibition Director, Mack Brooks Exhibitions

“Braden Threadgold are more than just a design partner... When deadlines have been tight they have been responsive, flexible and produced innovative solutions.”

Rob Marriott
Marketing & Strategic Bid Director, Trios Group

“When we’re looking for creative ideas, we turn to Braden Threadgold.”

Manuela White
Head of Sales & Marketing, Abbeyfield

“It’s so refreshing to work with an agency that makes complicated processes easy and adds value through good creative advice.”

Althea Taylor-Salmon
Director, Fortune PR

“A huge thank you for the excellent job you did for us on the presentation packs – particularly in view of the tight deadline! Awesome job – as always.”

Janet Wilson
Harman Pro Group

“We should never be stuck for good photos again! Tell Rob we love how much he got out of our challenging subjects!”

Liljana Goszdziewski
Exhibition Manager, Mack Brooks Exhibitions

“Thank you for your work on the website... I don’t think I could have asked for a better final result.”

Kathleen Shanks
Director, Capital Arts Children’s Choir