A new website to go with a new brand; with the three company colours featuring heavily.

Trios Group website designed by Braden Threadgold


A new website to go with a new brand; with the three company colours featuring heavily.

Trios Group website designed by Braden Threadgold

Lantern Recovery

A 'solid' design approach to reflect the reliability of service, softened by some bespoke photography to give the site a welcoming feel.

Lantern Recovery website designed by Braden Threadgold

Fortune PR

A simple, clean, single-level site which - along with some great SEO - is successfully generating strong leads in a highly competitve market

Fortune PR website designed by Braden Threadgold


Our websites have been successfully marketing this sheet metal trade exhibition for 14 years. In five languages, with bags of functionality for both exhibitors and visitors.

EuroBLECH website designed and developed by Braden Threadgold

Printed Systems Limited

The site design reflects the circuit boards which the company manufactures. An extremely successful site in terms of generating new business.

Printed Systems Limited website designed by Braden Threadgold

CCE International

Designing carefully to a grid allows us to make this site fully responsive, without sacrificing design integrity as the site resizes to fit different screens.

CCE International website designed by Braden Threadgold


An info-rich site, with a niche subject matter which doesn’t lend itself to snazzy imagery. The challenge was to keep a clean, uncluttered feel to it.

Createmaster website designed by Braden Threadgold

ICE Europe

Multi-language, fully responsive, with lots of clever functionality under the hood. The strict grid enables the page to easily resize without compromising design.

ICE Europe website designed by Braden Threadgold

London Swimming Pool Company

When you’ve got an impressive, visually attractive product, maximising the image area (whatever the screen size) becomes imperative.

London Swimming Pool Company website designed by Braden Threadgold

Carehome Creatives

We built up so much experience in the Care sector that we created a dedicated website, just to market this side of the business.

Carehome Creatives website designed by Braden Threadgold

Westgate Shopping Centre

The brief was to be bright and engaging - whilst also providing easily-navigable information for shoppers.

Westgate Shopping Centre website designed by Braden Threadgold

All Safe and Sound

Audio visual solutions business. Website created entirely in Flash, with some nifty interactive features for visitors to play with.

All Safe and Sound website designed by Braden Threadgold


About Web Design & Build

Web Design & Build in Hertfordshire

This isn’t the place to preach to you about the importance of your company’s website and social media presence. You already know all about that. You’ll also already be aware of the necessity of your website being found and easily viewed on a variety of devices, so you’ll be comforted to know that – as standard – we construct all our websites according to current best practice for SEO, which includes incorporating Responsive Web Design (RWD) and/or mobile-friendly versions.

But our service goes way beyond that. First and foremost, it’s about balancing attractive, enticing design with functionality; constructing websites that not only look the business, but do the business.

Braden Threadgold can help you through the process, every step of the way. Our developers thrive on delivering bespoke solutions to the most knotty of problems. Our designers insist on ensuring that visual appeal and functionality don’t get lost along the way. Our project managers are expert at maintaining a clear vision throughout the entire process.

What do you need your website to do for you? For some, it may be just a shop window, presenting minimal information – but just enough to draw customers in and encourage them to make contact and start a conversation. Alternatively, you may need it to be a complete online shop, driven by a database to enable you to add, delete or edit products and prices on a regular basis. For others, it might be a comprehensive information source to enable new and existing clients to find out everything they need to know in one place.

How this information is organised and accessed will make all the difference between the success or otherwise of your site. You don’t want to make visitors to your site have to work too hard, or drill down too far, to find the information they need, but at the same time you want to ensure that they’re not bombarded with so much information from the outset that they don’t know where to be begin. A decent navigational structure and clear design are paramount.

There’s so much to consider: the need for interactivity to keep visitors engaged; the desirability of creating and incorporating video, animation or photography to provide interest; the construction and/or integration of complex databases to help manage and present live content; integration with and exploitation of Social Media; content management systems; secure shopping facilities... We could go on, but we don’t want to scare you off! And that’s before we even start with the daunting process of collating and writing all the content.

If you’ve already got the content; great – we’ll help you to organise it. If not, we can help with the task of gathering raw information and copywriting/editing it to ensure a consistent voice. We can storyboard and shoot videos, art direct original photography or source royalty-free images. We can create bespoke content management systems, which aren’t limited by the constraints of what you can find off-the-shelf.

Tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll make it happen. And if you’re not sure exactly what you want, we’ll help guide you through the options.

It’s likely to be a lot of work – we wouldn’t want to pretend otherwise. But we promise to make it as painless as possible, and we’re confident that you’ll be delighted with the result.


Call us: 01727 661 500

Web Design by Braden Threadgold

What people say

“Once again, thank-you for a brilliant job. You never let me down!”

Debbie Gilard
Communications Manager, Quantum Care

“We have worked with Braden Threadgold for many years. Their recent design input on logo/brand creation again proved their creativity and professionalism. I am delighted to recommend their services!”

Nicola Hamann
Exhibition Director, Mack Brooks Exhibitions

“Braden Threadgold are more than just a design partner... When deadlines have been tight they have been responsive, flexible and produced innovative solutions.”

Rob Marriott
Marketing & Strategic Bid Director, Trios Group

“When we’re looking for creative ideas, we turn to Braden Threadgold.”

Manuela White
Head of Sales & Marketing, Abbeyfield

“It’s so refreshing to work with an agency that makes complicated processes easy and adds value through good creative advice.”

Althea Taylor-Salmon
Director, Fortune PR

“A huge thank you for the excellent job you did for us on the presentation packs – particularly in view of the tight deadline! Awesome job – as always.”

Janet Wilson
Harman Pro Group

“We should never be stuck for good photos again! Tell Rob we love how much he got out of our challenging subjects!”

Liljana Goszdziewski
Exhibition Manager, Mack Brooks Exhibitions

“Thank you for your work on the website... I don’t think I could have asked for a better final result.”

Kathleen Shanks
Director, Capital Arts Children’s Choir